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According to the OMMA Medical Marijuana Regulations (OAC 310:681-1-4) , “medical marijuana waste” means

(A) unused, surplus, returned or out-of-date marijuana; recalled marijuana; plant debris of the plant of the genus cannabis, including dead plants and all unused plant parts, except the term shall not include seeds, roots, stems, stalks and fan leaves,

(B) all product which is deemed to fail laboratory testing and cannot be remediated or decontaminated, or

(C) all products and inventory from commercial licensees that: i) have gone out of business; ii) are not subject to the provisions of Section 1560 of Title 12 of the Oklahoma Statute; and iii) are unable to lawfully transfer or sell the product and inventory to another commercial licensee.

All material that meets the definition of medical marijuana waste MUST be sent to a licensed marijuana waste disposal company.  This includes but is not limited to:


  • Flower, trim, shake and sugar leaves not sold or transferred
  • Products subject to a failed laboratory test
  • Dead plants
  • See below regarding root balls, seeds, stems, stalks and fan leaves


  • Biomass waste, regardless of THC content post extraction
  • Oils, edibles, vape carts and all concentrates not sold or transferred
  • Product subject to a failed laboratory test


  • Unused, expired and defective product

GROWERS are authorized to destroy ONLY root balls, seeds, stems, stalks and fan leaves if adhering to the following:

  1. The method of destruction must be open burning, incineration, burying, mulching or composting.
  2. The destruction must take place on the licensed grow premises.



According the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Waste Management Act, “no person or entity shall possess, transport or dispose of medical marijuana waste without a valid medical marijuana waste disposal license”.  A licensed marijuana waste disposal company must collect medical marijuana waste from the licensee and transport for proper disposal.

Enso will provide you with a final copy of the executed manifest for your records along with your invoice for services rendered. Waste manifests shall be retained for seven years in accordance with OAC 310:681-9-6(e).

Enso is licensed with METRC and able to accept waste transfers.

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