Doing it from the ground up.

We are Enso Solutions…

As one of the original cannabis waste disposal licensees, Enso Solutions is pioneering this new industry in Oklahoma. We feature a team of professionals with a core belief in maintaining integrity with both our customers and ecosystem. We accept all incarnations of cannabis waste byproducts and revitalize it into rich, organic compost.

…keeping you compliant.

We assist businesses of all sizes and cannabis waste output types to stay compliant with Oklahoma state disposal requirements, providing an opportunity to revitalize cannabis waste into reusable materials, while helping cannabis solidify its role as an innovative and sustainable new industry in Oklahoma.

What We Do

Enso Solutions offers a comprehensive list of services, starting with a site assessment and customized waste management plan.

What is cannabis waste?

According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Waste Management Act, medical marijuana waste is defined as:

“Medical marijuana waste” shall mean unused, surplus, returned or out-of-date marijuana and plant debris of the plant of the genus Cannabis, including dead plants and all unused plant parts, roots, stems, stalks and fan leaves.

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Are you ready to be compliant?

Enso Solutions offers a complimentary site assessment to evaluate your cannabis waste disposal needs.